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Clara I enjoyed ur music so much, I was very impressed with the songs that you sang,i especially liked the songs Potential Criminal & this is Happiness, Clara you are so gifted and anyone who has the pleasure of listening to your songs are in for a treat, I know I enjoyed your songs emensley, Clara thanks again for sharing your songs. Take care Clara & God Bless....
Nice site, it works for me....
Watched your "satisfaction" video again! What a Beauty!!!!....What are you doing the rest of your life? X0X0 Kris Karl
Es tu la Clara Bellino qui, avec the Flying Monkees etait venue dans mon emission de raduio FM French Connection sur KUSF FM San Francisco? Si oui fais moi savoir, je suis en France et fais toujours de la sique moi aussi!!!
Love the pictures from France!!!!
Hi clair this is Eric from z's I hope we can get together on some music and I'm looking forward to your show at yoshis
Hi Clara, We met briefly at the Strings jam last Sunday afternoon, and we talked about Krickie's Sexy Sunday shows in Fairfax and traded cards. I looked at your website, and especially enjoyed your videos. Your beautifully flexible lips on "Satisfaction" was tantalizingly seductive! I hope you'll check out my websites too: (1) www.DistinctivePhotos.com and (2) www.MySpace.com/MusicalSawExpert I hope we can play together some time! If you enjoy jamming, I can email you a list of some of the jams I go to regularly. I hope your fingers are recovering. Morgan
When in need of a good friend that always has a smile and great attitude, you can count on Clara Bellino. She is the real thing. Corey Jennings
I loved the day on the ferry! Keep me posted for any cool gigs. Had a wonderful time. Happy Blue Moon!
Salut Clara, tu es toujours aussi jolie que dans mes souvenirs du lycée Jean-Moulin. Bonne chance à toi.
Happy Halloween, wonderful website. Evelyn W.
I just heard "Something Cool." Extremely nice, Cara! Best wishes. Peace.
What a colorful invigorating web site. Love it!!!
Clara I'm going to try to make the Berkeley gig on June 13. Look forward to seeing you. Hope Kris will be there.
I'm very happy and proud of you. You Go! I look forward to seeing you. God bless!!
Hi Clara, I enjoyed working with you today on the commercial! I was great to visit and hear more about your music! You have a wonderful voice and unique captivating style! I checked you out on YouTube! See you soon. Wendy
Clara, Steph and I loved meeting you at Bobby's 50th:-) We hope to get up to the Bay Area to catch a show soon! If you and Kris are ever in the mood for a day trip south, head for Carmel Valley and we'll do the wine tour and a walk on Carmel Beach! Hope to see you soon and CONGRATS,BTW...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND happy new year :) May all your wishes and dreams come true. Hugggggggggs sonakii
Clara, the sweetness and tenderness of your voice is such comfort...your carry your heart right out there in the open, we can hear it in your singing and see it in your face. C'est un tres belle chose... je t'embrasse, anne
The tenderness and sweetness of your voice, Clara, is such comfort -- you carry your heart right there out in the open, we hear it in your singing and we see it in your face. C'est une tres belle chose... anne
Beautiful smile,beautiful music, beautiful soul and a really beautiful heart :) hugggggggggs s
and last of all, fashion critic :).....thank you, you`re too kind
Wonderfu Tour. Glad you are back home.
Hallo Clara. Auch ich möchte Dir kurz schreiben dass ich ein Fan Deiner Musik geworden bin. Meine Frau hört sie fast täglich. Also mach weiter so und begeistere Deine Fans weiterhin mit so toller Musik. Ein angesteckter Clara Fan. Gruß Peter ( Deutschland )
Salut Clara...voici un p'tit coucou d'Avignon..Tes fans " francais " adorent ton CD " Embarcadero Love " et ils t' attendent impatiement pour Paris en Janvier???gros bisou Karola & family & friends
Hallo Clara. Du hast einen neuen Fan gefunden. Deine CD ist wirklich toll. Einen Gruß aus Hildesheim ( Deutschland )an alle Clara Fans. Evelin ;-)
Hallo Clara. Ich finde Deine CD total klasse. Ich habe sie von meiner Freundin Karola aus Frankreich bekommen. Du hast eine tolle Stimme. Einen Gruß an alle Clara Fans.Evelin
Excellentes musiques, ma préféré c'est "GoodNight Baby"! Continuez comme ça! Encore bravo!
Keep up the great work. Thank you so much for sharing. Your music, your pictures, YOU. THANK YOU!
Clara, YOU ROCK! May your new song (in 4/4 time) be a hit, with a bullet!" Keep that fire well stoked... With Love, admiration, and great respect. John
Clara, Love your web site. Looked at the pictures on the ferry. Fun, fun. See you at Z's. janelle
Great CD, thanks for signing it!
C'est choucar la vidéo de Ed !!!
Hi Clara! ...it was very nice meeting you, I'm really enjoying your CD and look forward to seeing you perform in SF on Sept. 19. Peace Wally
You're very cool. I like your music and your style.
I listened to your sample music, Clara, it sounded fantastic. Although I am intrigued by French lyrics, I found the story in one of your songs(in English)to interest me most. (Swordfishtrombone-I think it was-track 02)About the genleman who put away his expectations... a 27 year old issue...DO UNTO OTHERS AS........ Nice! I look forward to owning the full versions of your work! James Patrick
Je t'ai retrouvé réponds moi CLARA. ( depuis Tahiti 1996 derneir contact ). J'ai deux filles avec Corinne et habites vers Marseille WELCOME Christophe
Can't wait to here your CD. Hope you got your fur back. GCC
Hi Clara, We met on the Ferry last Friday and I thought you were better than GREAT! I hope I'll get the opportunity to see you again soon. You also have a winner smile! Lights up a room or a boat! I had a bad day before i got on the ferry and then i heard you sing and saw your smile. ^_^
It was nice to see you sing finally! I had heard the CD last year but it was even better hearing it live on the bay! Hope to see you on a movie set soon...
Hi Clara, I am trying to contact Piers Lawrence, the guitarist on your record. He is an old friend of mine from new york in the 80's and we have lost touch. If you could pass my e mail address onto him i would love to hear from him or maybe you could mail me his address. ThANK YOU. Roy Martin
Nice site! Maybe I'll see you around...keep it up girl! ;-)
Hey Clara it sounds great! ive been living in hollywood doin interior design and taking photos. i hope your well and good luck with your record. all the best kevin
Clara: Loved your album. A friend, whois a professional musician,was,equally impressed. An African friend liked the "Potential Criminal" piece. Let's talk soon! Jim
Love your music,looking forward to seeing you "LIVE".......... :)
I was in a bar waiting for someone. A CD was playing. I did not recognize the singer but I truly enjoyed the music. I noticed this beautiful women sitting a few seats away, she would sing parts of the songs between conversations. She seemed to know the lyrics to all the songs on the CD. I thought she would surely know who was the singer and asked her who sang the song playing. She answered "It's my CD"! And that is how I got introduced to Clara Bellino and her music which I think is realy cool. C'est super, Clara !
Great CD...looking forward to gigs!
Hi Clara, hope all is well with you and everything that surrounds you. Just wanted to let you that I have been listening to your CD and let me tell you...I like it a lot! It really helps me get into my oil paintings. I should have my site up and running soon. Just log onto madnrg.com. Take care and much much positive energy towards your way and you. Miguelángelou
Finally got in, but couldn't play the clips. Good thing I've got the disc, but I would like to see the clips if you can instruct me. Where'd you get the human size Statue of Liberty? It sure isn't the one on the Seine. Hugs & congratulations from Eileen
Belle photo avec la statue de la liberté dans tes bras. Le site est très sympa. Bises, F. et J.C.